Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop by Kaylee Stephens

#1 Cops are never around when you need them, but always underfoot when you don’t.

#2 They can get a court order for anything they need regardless of how you feel about it.

#3 They wear asinine mirrored sunglasses so you can’t see their eyes or know what they’re thinking.

#4 They own handcuffs, even if they can’t find the keys.

#5 They have great lips.

#6 They have crazy dogs with issues.

#7 They’re arrogant.

#8 They can kiss. Boy, can they kiss.

#9They will get your family’s approval, even if they don’t have yours.

#10 They just might make you fall in love.


3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop by Kaylee Stephens

  1. That’s the list I was looking for when I read your fantastic book. I’m replacing #5 with: They make you get frosting on your ass. Loved it.

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