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COVER REVEAL: Southern Comfort

August 3rd marks the release of Southern Comfort, the follow-up to my contemporary rom-com Southern Hospitality! Can you say excited?  But what’s a new release without a cover reveal?  So for the next 6 days I’ll bring you the wonderful cover for Southern Comfort one little piece at a time. Here’s the first one…

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Let’s Talk About…

When I first started writing two different types of romances, sex was the dividing line. All the Amy Lillard books didn’t have sex and all the Amie Louellen books did. At the time it seemed like a really good plan, the perfect way for my readers to know which books were for them.

Then I released the sweet (no sex) version of Love Potion Me, Baby. At first this was to  be an Amy Lillard book, then one of my editors convinced me that it should be an Amie Louellen book. His argument was that it would keep my Amy Lillard books branded as Amish. Well, that lasted all of three days. Before I knew it, Amy Lillard books were all over the place (branding wise) and the Amie Louellen books were all focused on one subgenre–sexy romantic comedies.

More recently, I got the call from Penguin Random House books! They want to publish my ‘cowboy series’. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project. There are no words. Then the editor threw me a curve ball. They want to publish my sexy, small town series under Amy Lillard.



But I had these plans. And sex has always been a divider in the romance genre. In fact, that’s how they are defined. Sweet equals no sex. Erotic equals *lots* of sex. It has always been this way. Most of my contemporaries fall somewhere in between.

But then the editor said something to me that I hadn’t thought of before. She pointed out that my Amish books and my cowboy/Texas books all have a small town feel.

Huh. Well that changes things. (That and the thrill of seeing the book of my heart on the shelves with my ‘real’ name on the cover.) And so a new division was born–the small town romance.

I can’t say this is a clean division. The Hot Southern Nights Series as well as Blame It On Texas both have that small town feel, but since they are already published, they have to remain where they are for now.

Why am I mentioning this on my Amie Louellen website when it has so much to do with Amy Lillard books? Simple. To let you know that if you like my sexy small town romances, you’ll now find them with Amy Lillard books.

Welcome Home, Bethie McGee has had a makeover, complete with a new cover and title. And as I continue that series the new books will be published under that name and that’s where you’ll find them. These books will have the same title and same image on the cover, though the inspirational books will be black and white and the sexy version in color. Both versions will be Amy Lillard books.

My Amie Louellen books will continue to be fun and sexy romantic comedies about billionaire heroes, sassy heroines, and maybe even faraway places. (Minus The Hot Southern Nights from this guide. They are all set in small towns, but your one glimpse at the town will most likely be your last as I move on to the next in the series.)

I’m also working on some pretty spectacular things on my website. These will help readers connect with the characters of these books. But more on that when these new features are ready to reveal. Until then, if you are new to my Amie Louellen books, Brodie’s Bride is still free, but not for very much longer. Time is winding down to read this fun and sassy story at no cost to you. Love Potion Me Baby, The Trouble With Millionaires (Formerly Love Potion and Other Travesties), and All You Need Is Love are all 99¢, but again, the time to take advantage of this opportunity is now. Soon, these will all return to their original price of $2.99. And Can’t Buy Me Love is still at $2.99 but you can get it free when you sign up for  my newsletter!

There are more plans brewing and I’ll be back to tell you more about them later.

Until then, thanks for reading!!



It’s release day for Southern Hospitality, the latest contemporary romantic comedy from Amie Louellen.

Southern HospitalityNot much happens in sleepy Jefferson County, Tennessee. That is, until Yankee reporter Roxanne Ackerman’s car breaks down there on her way to Memphis, and she somehow winds up as a murder suspect! With no one to bail her out and the local judge on a fishing trip, Roxanne is surrendered into the custody of her ultra-conservative-yet-oh-so-sexy attorney, Malcolm B. Daniels IV, for the weekend.

Malcolm is nearly engaged, running for U.S. Senate, and really does not need this gorgeous, wild woman in his life right now. He just has to show her a little Southern hospitality until he can get the case dropped on Monday morning, and things will finally go back to normal.

But the more time they spend together, the more sparks fly between them. One weekend might be all the time Roxanne needs to work her way into his heart and make his life exciting again. What if, when Monday comes, he doesn’t want to let her go?

 ~*~ Excerpt ~*~

southern hosp collage

He never even bothered to look at her. It seemed as if something over her shoulder held more interest for him. Most likely Lila dancing with Miss Gertie’s great-nephew from Hattiesburg. Malcolm was probably keeping an eye on the pair just to make sure the handsome doctor wasn’t copping a feel. After all, she and Malcolm were practically engaged.

The thought made Roxanne miss the beat, and she crashed into Malcolm—hard. Her foot, clad in its high-heeled sandal, crashed down on top of his foot—hard.

“Sorry.” She winced. That was going to leave a mark.

“It’s okay,” he replied, just like the gentleman he was.

“I know you might find this hard to believe, but I used to be a pretty good dancer.”

“No offense, but what happened?”

She shrugged. “Out of practice, I guess.”

“Hmmm … I thought dancing was one of those things a person never forgets how to do. You know, like riding a bike.”

“Sex.” Roxanne immediately wished she could take it back.

“I beg your pardon?” He picked that precise moment to meet her gaze.

“You can forget how to ride a bike, but you’ll never … I mean … most people have—” She faltered, the heat from her cheeks mixing with the too-warm Tennessee Woman restriction hend whit handcuffs, isolated on whitenight to make her light-headed. She couldn’t finish the thought with those knowing brown eyes trained on her. Instead, she focused on the tiny black sutures adorning his strong chin.

“Are you trying to say that sex is unforgettable?” The corners of his mouth twitched.

“Uh … something like that,” she mumbled, hoping the slurred words passed for a real answer. Here she was again trying to make coherent thoughts when her mind was filled with images of … well, sex. And Malcolm. And sex with Malcolm. She didn’t know for a fact if sex itself had ever proven to be unforgettable, but she was certain that sex with Malcolm would be.

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Release Day!!!

Happy June 1oth! Happy Release Day to

Blame it on Texas

a contemporary romance by Amie Louellen

Every first love deserves a second chance. 

© 2014 Amie Louellen


BlameItOnTexas-ART(1)Shelby Patterson has come back to Texas for one reason and one reason only—to get her husband to sign divorce papers. She’s worked hard to build her California bakery, where clients clamor for her one-of-a-kind creations.

Seven years after her disastrous marriage, she’ll finally have everything in perfect order—just as soon as Ritter McCoy signs the dotted line.

Ritt is still pissed that Shelby walked out all those years ago without giving their marriage a chance. Sure, they were young and had just lost the baby that had rushed them to the altar, but they’d loved each other beyond reason.

Ritt gave up his college baseball scholarship, only to have Shelby and her mom take his parents’ bribe money and run. If Shelby wants those papers signed, she’ll just have to wait until he’s good and ready.

Or maybe, before she flies the coop again, he can convince her the love they had between them is still there—and still hot enough to melt their hearts back into one.

Warning: This book contains a sexy Texas boy determined to recapture his first love. May also produce feelings of nostalgia and longing for slow kisses and sweet tea.


Enjoy the following excerpt for Blame it on Texas:

She should have known she’d find him like this.

Shelby looked down at the oil-stained driveway to the denim-clad legs protruding from underneath the ancient Ford. The hem of the jeans was frayed, the worn cowboy boots dusty and with a few stains of their own.

She propped her hands on her hips, doing her best not to tap her foot in irritation. It would do no good. If there was one thing she’d learned in her time as Ritt McCoy’s wife, he had his own timetable and to hell with anyone else’s.

“I said, I need to talk to you.”

“And I said, just a minute,” his muffled voice returned.

Shelby bit back a growl and used the thick packet of papers to fan herself. That was one thing she didn’t miss about Texas—the heat. But with any luck and the good Lord’s grace, she’d only be here another few minutes, an hour at the most, and then she’d be on her way back to California.

A trickle of sweat ran down between her shoulder blades and into the small of her back. Shelby fanned harder and checked her watch. She’d been waiting twenty minutes for Ritt to finish whatever it was he was doing to the truck and sign on the dotted line. That was nineteen more than she cared to wait.



“I need you to sign these.”

“In a minute.”

“Now. I have a plane to catch.”

She jumped back, nearly snapping the heel off one peep-toe pump. They had been a special purchase for this trip along with the form-fitting black dress that hugged her like a second skin. Scrambling to get out of the way, she managed to maintain her balance as Ritt pushed the creeper from under the truck.

And there he was, the boy who stole her heart, took her virginity and married her all in one summer. Well, he’d had her heart for years before that. And he wasn’t a boy any longer; though the years, she grudgingly admitted, had been very kind to him.

“What?” he asked. Even lying down, he looked taller, broader, more. She was glad to have the advantage, standing over him like she was.

“I’m in a hurry.”

“Not my problem.” He disappeared in a quick swoosh back under the truck. But he left his image behind. Dark blond hair curling from under a ratty Longhorns baseball hat. Dirt smeared T-shirt covering a chest she didn’t remember as having quite so many muscles. Long legs, firm lips, square jaw.

“I’ve flown over a thousand miles to get you to sign these. The least you could do is get out from under there and do it.” Her voice rose in pitch, the whine she’d been tamping down rising to the surface. Couldn’t he see how they needed this? That it was time to move forward?

There was a loud clunk, which sounded like head versus oil pan, then a muffled curse.

He rolled out again, and before she knew what had happened he was towering over her. She took a couple of steps back for good measure, unable to meet his blue-gold gaze as he studied her face.

“What is it, Shelby? What is so important that you flew all the way out here to grace me with your presence?”

She was wrong. The years had been more than kind to him, they had outright adopted him. Had he always been this tall? This broad? This…masculine?

He had, she decided. But after seven years away, she had forgotten what a man her Texas boy had been.

She licked her lips, the sight of him bringing back more memories than she cared to delve through. Prom night, at the lake after the baseball games, Saturday afternoon in the canyon…

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