Funny Is As Funny Does

I recently did an interview with Coffeetime Romance and More and one of the questions was about writing humor. Do I find it challenging? What do I like or dislike about writing humor?

Here are both the question and my answer–

When Brice is under the spell of the “love potion” it is humorous and heartwarming to read. Is writing romantic comedy fun? Challenging? How and why?

I love writing romantic comedy. I made a conscious decision to learn the craft. Now my muse works in that direction. When I sit down to write it is with humor in mind. There are times when it can be challenging. Not everyone has the same sense of humor and some situations don’t lend themselves to being funny.  Luckily I have a BWF (Best Writer Friend) who reads all my stuff and tells me whether or not a joke is working.

Peter O’Toole said, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” I’m not sure I agree with that.

I love writing humor. Maybe because my sense of funny is slightly over developed. Maybe because I don’t think we laugh enough these days. Whatever it is, I plan to face it with a giggle and a snort.

Here’s my one of my favorite funny parts from Love Potion Me, Baby–

Three hours and four antacids later, Suzanne pulled her modest import in front of Brice’s house, certain she was headed for hell after today’s deception. The lies were necessary, but that didn’t make them any easier. Aunt Petie had been so happy for her, squealing over the smallest details of Suzanne’s whirlwind courtship and marriage to one of the most eligible men in Texas. She had even baked Suzanne and Brice a batch of almond and kale wedding cookies. And it was all a hoax.

But it hadn’t been, a small voice inside her whispered.

Suzanne squelched that reminder. Stomped on it. She had to remember the real Brice. The Brice who demanded they share a room. The Brice who threatened to fire her sister unless Suzanne gave him the recipe for her shampoo. The egotistical, money-maniac who loved coffee and tolerated his mother’s eccentricities.

Suzanne groaned and started into the house. Chaos met her at the door. Bonnie chattered frantically in her native tongue while Jancy, balancing on her head, chanted in some otherworldly language. Randy raced through, his hand entangled into the leash of a giant, runaway sheep dog. In the middle of it all, Brice stood watching the door as if it held the powers of the universe.

“Where have you been?” he demanded as she closed the door behind her and resisted the urge to
run. He looked so casually handsome in a navy pair of Dockers and a striped polo style shirt that he took her breath away.

Bonnie squealed and ran after Randy and the mysterious canine. Jancy chanted on.

“I didn’t know you had a dog.” He didn’t seem like a dog kind of person.

“I don’t.”

“Then where’d the dog come from?” Suzanne asked, trying to keep her bearings. She swore she was in the right house, but then again…

“How the hell am I suppose to know? I just live here.”


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    1. Thanks, Diane! I appreciate you stopping by. I’ve been a little out of pocket today. We had new windows installed. Yay Everything is a disaster and I can’t find curtains to replace the blinds that can;t hang in the new windows. Boo!

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