A Letter from Suzanne Rose

Is it wrong to believe in fairy tales? I don’t think so. I grew up hearing stories of handsome princes and snowy white steeds. But I had almost given up on ever finding the man made just for me until I met Brice Van Sant.

Multi-millionaire, sullen attitude, fabulous kisser, Brice is definitely in the prince category, but it’s more complicated than that.

I guess I’d better start at the beginning. I was visiting my sister at her job. Christy works for Johnston Carmichael Pharmaceuticals which just so happens to be Brice’s family business.  I’d brought Christy a bottle of my homemade herbal shampoos.

How was I supposed to know Brice would drink it? And I definitely had no idea it would act as a love potion. There was nothing to let me know his proposal was made in a drug altered haze. He swept me off my feet. So of course, I’d thought I’d found my own true prince. And I married him. Except the next day he couldn’t remember my name, much less that we’d gotten married. And that’s when my handsome prince turned into a toad.

And it got even worse. He decided that he needed the formula for his company and didn’t believe that I never write them down. Brice is nothing but persistent and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse—stay married to him and pretend to be happily married while I recover the shampoo’s ingredients, or he’d fire my sister. Big, fat toad.

I learned a lot about Brice in those first few weeks. And the man I thought was an ogre turned out to be a man with dreams and desires just like the rest of us. Except Brice’s dreams had been crushed long ago. He said he didn’t believe in love, but I couldn’t let it go there. After all, I was half in love with him even before we met.

Now I only have until I discover all the shampoo’s ingredients to make him see that love truly is a chance worth taking. And with any luck, I won’t lose my heart to him forever. Not only to the Brice that everyone sees, but to the wonderful prince he really is.


Love Potion Me, Baby by Amie Louellen

Available now from the Wild Rose Press

www.thewildrosepress.com / www.amazon.com / www.barnesandnoble.com


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