Count Down To Release Day!

Only 20 more days until the e-release of Ten Reasons Not To Date A Cop!


3 thoughts on “Count Down To Release Day!

  1. Can’t wait, Amie. I love your books! Getting ready to promote like a fool is a little daunting. I have three projects releasing within 30 days and would rather have a root canal than bug everyone to read my next guest blog. On, a personal note, I smile everytime you post a pic of your son on fb. He’s growing up right in front of us. My grandsons, 13 and 14, are maturing so quickly, too. Grandma wants to keep them little. Wishing you great luck as you promote. Awesome sales and positive reviews. And are you coming to Vintage Vonnie to talk about your new release??? A-hem…

    1. Thanks, Vonnie! I’d love to come to Vintage Vonnie to talk about my new release! Whoop! And you know you are welcome here ANYTIME! :)

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