Have You Met Brodie Harper

brodie-picEveryone makes mistakes, right? Well, I made a doozie. See, I’d just stood up and watched my best friends get married. Maybe that’s what had me feeling like something was missing, Or maybe it was the tequila. Whatever the reason, the next thing I know I was standing before an official in a seedy little chapel off the strip exchanging vows with a woman I didn’t know—Savanna Morgan.

Savanna is unlike any woman I’ve ever met. She’s a strange mixture of worldly and innocent. She told me she was a waitress, but only because I thought she was a hooker at first. (I told you I’d made a helluva mistake, but if you could have seen that little red dress she was wearing…. ) Anyway, once my mind was clear, I could tell she wasn’t a prostitute. Her clothes were too nice, her hair cut a little too…you know, for a working girl. But a waitress? There’s no way in hell.

The simple solution would have a been a quickie divorce, but who said this whole mess was simple? I needed Savanna out of my life, but the next thing I know, she’s spending the weekend with me at a Texas ranch to help save my job.  I just didn’t count on her being  under my feet and getting under my skin so quickly.

I’m just a regular guy trying to make it. My friend Jackson and I have  a small contracting business and the biggest client we’ve ever had is just out of reach. If we could just get Red Sullivan to sign the dotted line so we can build his dream family themed casino, then our lives will be golden.

Now that’s where Savanna comes in. See, Red likes family men. And now that he thinks Savanna and I are ‘family’ , we’ve got to keep up the charade. But only for a weekend. Come Monday, we’ll be able to get everything annulled and go our separate ways. That should be easy enough. Right?

Wrong. I failed to mention that sparks fly whenever Savanna and I are within twenty yards of each other. Red hot, Forth of July kind of embers that smolder and seethe and burn. Until the next thing we know we’re—

Well, let’s just say that it’s not easy for us to keep our hands to ourselves when we’re left too close together for too long. And that’s exactly what happens at the Sullivan’s ranch.

Now there are times  I find myself thinking about Savanna, and what’s going to happen once our weekend is over. Is she really going to go back to Vegas and marry her cheating ex-fiancé? I mean, not that I want a wife. I don’t. But she deserves better than a lying bastard to spend the rest of her life with.

And suddenly I’m having a hard time imagining my life without her in it…



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