Name Game–Update

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date concerning the new hero’s name contest Some of these came from Facebook and as great as the names themselves are, they don’t exactly go with McFarland. I may end up having to run a contest for  new last name next. LOL

Here’s the list so far:

Dillion/Dylan–not a bad name, but concerned about it with McFarland

A young caucasian man gives a serious lookJason/Jase–nixed, this is my  nephew’s name


Brett–I already have a hero Brett

Liam–fabulous name but too Irish  for my Scottish surname

Colt–IMHO a little too cowboy for my multi-millionaire

Jackson–I already have a Jackson



Zane–have a Zane already

Dimitri–not feeling it, but it’s a great name

Grayson–with Mcfarland? (makes face)

Paxton–See previous comment and facial expression

Alexander–not bad, but very vanilla these days.

Chad–uhum…no. Sorry, Mom!


Trent –ex from college. that’s out

Tucker–I’ve used this in another book

Cam–LOVE it! (*not* short for Cameron)

Ross–another favorite

There have to be a couple of more great hero names out there…still searching…


9 thoughts on “Name Game–Update

    1. Thanks, Diane! I guess I should have clarified…he’s an American with a Scottish name! LOL And I love Garth! :):) But I do live in OK after all! Hope your week is going great as well!

  1. okay adding some additional suggestions

  2. Good names! But…I have a Malcolm and a Brodie and the heroine’s last name is Campbell. But man and I going to have some great names to choose for future projects! :) Thanks!!

    1. Wow – glad you can keep all the names you’ve used or are planning to use straight. Can’t wait to see the name you ultimately choose.

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