Name That Hero

It’s time! Time to name the hero in All You Need Is Love. And to help you along with your entry, here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure.

A young caucasian man gives a serious lookHere are a few things to keep in mind: The hero’s last name is McFarland so the name will have to go with that. And of course it needs to be a strong name…he is a romance hero after all!

Now the contest goes like this: Submit your entry between now and July 1 by leaving a comment on this post. After the 1st, I’ll pick my favorite three and put those back out for everyone to vote on. Voting will end August 1 and the name with the most votes will be the winner.

Now everyone who participates will be put into a drawing for a reader’s survival pack including a $25 pre-paid Visa card, fabulous swag, and (of course) some chocolate!

So get your best hero name together and leave me a comment. Ross? Brandon? Gunner? Help me Name That Hero!


20 thoughts on “Name That Hero

  1. Cam McFarland.
    Not Cameron, because for him it would be too youthful. He’s an old soul in a young body. Cam comes to mind. Nothing frivilous, just something strong with an in-yer-face punch like the Black Bull Scottish whisky he prefers to sip…or guzzle the his mood darkens.

      1. I love it! And I love the name Cam! I ended up with a few on my FB page too. This is going to be fun! :)

    1. There’s an Ian already in the story and I have a hero named Seth…Going to have to give the others a thought (or two)! Thanks, JoAnne!

      1. OK how about in addition to others you’re thinking about

  2. Met an Irish guy once who was named Ciaran (Also spelled Kieran, Kieren). I absolutely loved it.

    1. I must pick out really good hero names…I’ve used Brodie, Lucas, Ian, and Seth. But these are great choices! Keep ’em coming…

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