And the big news is…

Well, I said I had a few things brewing for 2013 and I’m ready to spill the beans. This fall I’m entering the fabulous world of independent publishing! The first of these stories is All You Need Is Love.

This story is near and dear to my heart for several reasons. One, I dreamed the opening scene on a flight between Oklahoma and St Croix. And two, I sold the book years ago though it never made it to print. After an extensive editorial rewrite, the original story became the book to be released sometime this fall.

Next month, the contest to name the hero will start so be gearing up to submit your entry. In the meantime…here’s the blurb and fabulous cover for All You Need Is Love.

Lipstick kiss on white shirt collar from lips of mistressThree months to get married. It’s every bachelor’s nightmare, especially when there’s millions at stake. Thanks to his aunt’s kooky will, that’s exactly where ‘John’ McFarland finds himself: get a wife or lose it all. At least he only has to stay married for a year.

Small town girl, Claire Campbell is struggling to make it in big city Dallas. So when ‘John’ proposes what choice does she have? She has no place to live and no more money put aside. As ‘John’s’ wife, she’d have a year to get on her feet. A year and one million dollars!

But when ‘John’s’ brother, Devin, returns home with his own wife in tow, the stakes climb even higher. Now John has to deal with his wayward sibling, Devin’s Brazilian bride, in addition to his own wife and his aunt’s pampered pooch. To make matters worse, he might just be falling in love with Claire. All in the name getting what is rightfully his. The guy who said All You Need Is Love surely didn’t have millions on the line.


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