Prayers for Connecticut

I do my best not to be political or religious or anything else that prompts controversy, but today is no ordinary day. Today the first of  the burials will be held for some of the victims of the tragedy in Newhouse, Connecticut. I felt it necessary to stop today and take a breath. Remember those love and say a prayer for those who are suffering in Newhouse. A tragedy such as this leaves no one unscathed, families, friends, and first responders, the entire community and our great nation are hurting from this horrible event.

So I’m praying. If that’s not your thing, light a candle, hug a friend, do whatever else you may do show remembrance to those who are gone before their time and those who are left wondering why.

Illustration of an angel praying by candlelight.Be sure to come back by later, I’ve got a review for a very special book posting at 10. Thanks everyone!


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