I have to admit when I was growing up, I hated my dimples. Everyone thought they were so cute. And now that I’m older (and fatter) and went through Bells Palsey while  pregnant, my dimples are almost gone. Now, I would give almost anything to have them back. Ironic, huh? But I beleive most of us love dimples. At least the kind in the cheeks.




But what about the cleft chin? It’s technically a dimple, but it gets mixed reactions to the point that I found a website for a plastic surgeon’s office that can “remove” the cleft. Here’s the address for any doubters.


One thing I learned is that the actual bone is involved. Interesting.

I for one LOVE the dimple in the chin. My husband has one and I always hated when he grew a beard because then I couldn’t see it. It was one trait that I hoped my son would inherit, but sadly, his is so small, you have to be at the right angle in the right light to see it.

Now some prefer a non-dimpled chin…



I know that not everyone has such a love as I do for the “butt chin” but here’s a few pictures show off the cleft at its finest.




Why, yes, I am aware how big Tom Brady’s picture is compared to the rest. Your point?

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear what you think about dimples. Cheeks? Chins? Both? Time to vote and keep on building our perfect man.


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