“Real” Women

First of all, let me say that I am *much* curvier than I want to be these days. And I’ve made a vow to correct that in the upcoming year (read 12 months  here).  But that is a post for another day.

Today I want to ask your opinion on the shape of women in romance novels these days. See, I remember when all of the women were skinny/slender/petite and otherwise borderline helpless due to their size. I am in no danger of this! LOL

Thankfully, this trend has changed and the women portrayed in my fav reading material come in all shapes and sizes.

And then this happened: http://shine.yahoo.com/fashion/jeans-ad-sparks-controversy-levis-models-come-other-202400157.html

If you clicked on the link, you found the Levi’s ad and the controversy surrounding the ad that supposedly showed women in varying sizes and how their jeans fit these different body types. Not.

But where Levis failed (and miserably) Dove has succeeded.

What do you think? I for one love the differences that makes us interesting.

Want to see more about Dove’s campaign for “real” women?

Begininnng of the ad: http://www.frankwbaker.com/dove_ads_get_attention.htm

Dove campaign: http://www.wonderbranding.com/2011/03/hot-gossip-dove-to-dump-real-beauty-campaign/


2 thoughts on ““Real” Women

  1. I agree, Amie, and think it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate women, whatever size or shape. About time! Might genetics play a “small” role in one’s body type and weight? DUH Not saying we shouldn’t take care of ourselves–still have that on-going love-hate thing going on with Zumba :-)–but to think physical appearance is the most important aspect of anyone is beyond shallow…IMHO.

  2. You’re right. But there might be some validity to it. I need to do some more investigation, but after I wrote this post, I saw part of a show (my husband is a channel flipper) about what we find attractive and why. The narrator said that it could have something to do with being able to tell how healthy a person is/was. The more symmetrical their features, the less chance of them having something wrong genetically. Now, we’re talking back in near caveman days, but I’m planning some research and then a follow up post. I find this very interesting. Thanks for coming by! :)

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