Whatever Happened to Steve McQueen?

So I was researching handsome men for  a blog  post (Yes, I know. My life is hard) and I ran across this site:


So I checked it out. Whoa! Really? What has happened to sexy? After reviewing the list  I thought to myself, whoever came up  with this list is either  12 years old or gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And I wasn’t far off the mark. The compiler of the list is a 17 year old male with an obsession for men. You do the math. But I was looking for sexy men, men that make parts tingle by just walking into the room. Of this list I only agreed with about three of the name–Sean Penn (who grew up quite nicely) Bruce Willis, and Daniel Craig. That’s not to say that Bradley Cooper and Jude Law aren’t adorable and Brian Cranston is probably the best actor in the entire list, but the point here was sexy.

So what makes a man sexy? To me it has to do with strength of body and soul. I’m just old-fashioned enough that I want a guy who can take care of me if need be. A manly man. I want Steven McQueen. Oh. Yeah.

In searching around for great pictures of Steve McQueen to add to this blog I found this site:


Yes…Ten Things Steven McQueen Wouldn’t Do. LOL

Sexy is timeless. Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando (The young years). Who is today’s Hollywood will be the next McQueen? I’ll start the list…Matthew McConaughey.

Your turn.

You tell me


3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Steve McQueen?

  1. I love Steve. He is truly one of my favourites. I tried to review that list of 100 Sexiest but my eyes glazed over. I guess I’m ancient and haven’t heard of most of them. I am not into pretty men. I want some rugged character in a man’s face, and not have to worry he’s going to borrow MY razor.

  2. Sophie, I totally agree! In case of some apocalyptic disaster I know I’ll eat because my husband is a man’s man and can hunt for food in its natural habitat! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

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