Neck Exercises–Part 2

Ever have one of those days where you’ve justbeen at the computer too long. Your neck and shoulders are stiff and sore? Maybe it’s time for a few exercises. Ready?

1 and

and 2

and 1

and 2

and rest.

Better? Yeah I thought so. 


One thought on “Neck Exercises–Part 2

  1. I’m so dense…I refuse to use the (old) word…it took me a while to get this. I mean I GOT it, but thought why would Amie put some of the pictures in wrong. Golly, now I’ve got to bend my neck to get a better look at these guys. Slowly, dawn peaked over the hazziness of my mind and whispered, “Neck exercises, dummy.” Obviously, I need my morning cup of coffee. After I do a couple more rounds of neck exercises. Sigh…simply…sigh…

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