Top Ten All Time Funny Movies

Recently I was asked about writing humor (since some of you read the post Funny is as Funny Does, I won’t bore you with the details) but it made me think about what I think is funny and why. Typical to my thought process, that in turn spurred me to decide to write a post about the movies I think are funny. A Top Ten List of the funniest movies–IMHO. (I *love* Top Ten Lists.) But as I sat down to write this post, you can imagine what happened. I blanked.

Oh, I can think of a few movies that I find hilarious:

The Full Monty

The Jerk

O Brother, Where Art Thou



National Lampoon’s Animal House

The Bird Cage

In & Out


In case anyone is keeping count, that’s not ten. Okay, okay, it’s *nine* but since this is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades, well…you get the gist.

So I’m enlisting your help. What movie to you find so crazy funny that when you watch it, you laugh before the scene even develops? I figure (HOPE) that we end up with more than ten.

Oh, The Hangover. Well, that’s ten, but I still want to hear what makes you laugh. What’s your favorite comedy?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten All Time Funny Movies

  1. Amy,
    Sorry, my all-time favorite’s already on your list: THE BIRDCAGE. Afraid I’m not a big fan of many comedies that seem popular. Need to laugh more, I guess, so LOL

    1. I adore The Bird Cage. Where Albert is going to take his toothbrush to the cemetery and Robin Williams says, How Egyptian. LOL The entire movie is brilliant. :)

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