Love Potion Me, Baby

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away…


Well, maybe it looks more like this…


There was a girl who believed in fairy tales and happily ever after.

Meet Suzanne Rose.

And there was a man who felt that love was all a lie and not worth the pain it caused.

Meet Brice Van Sant.

An unlikely match…until he accidentally drinks a cup of her homemade shampoo.

And falls heads head over heels for Suzanne.

It’s the perfect love story, right?

Not quite.

For after an incredible wedding night, Brice can’t remember his bride’s name, much less why he married her.

Suzanne is heart broken.

And Brice is determined.

As CEO of Johnston-Carmichael Pharmasueticals, he needs the formula for the fabled shampoo.

A recipe for love would rocket his company to the top of the heap.

Too bad Suzanne can’t remember all of the ingredients.

But when Brice threatens her sister’s job at Johnston- Carmichael, Suzanne has no choice but to stay in a loveless marriage and recreate the shampoo.

With any luck, she’ll recover the formula before she loses her heart to a man who swears he could never love her return.


Available now from The Wild Rose Press


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