The Devil Has Dimples by Pepper Phillips ~ A Review &More



In the Deep South, one of the first questions asked when meeting someone new in a small town is, “Who’s your daddy?” The answer defines you as a person. Not knowing is disheartening.

Sara McLaughlin never knew she was adopted and is stunned to realize that if she wants to find out the questions burning in her brain as to the ‘why’ she was given up at birth, and who her father might be, she has to live in her birth mother’s apartment for the next six weeks.

Grant St. Romain, attorney, is supposed to be helping, but the hunky dimpled devil is making her mind think of other things.

Can she find the truth? Or will she break her heart trying to find out the answers in Boggy Bayou, where many secrets are hidden?

~*~*~*~ The Review ~*~*~*~

Imagine getting a letter from an attorney telling you that he’s settling your mother’s estate, but the name of the deceased is not your mother.  That’s exactly what happens to Sara McLaughlin.  Like any rational human being, she goes to investigate, but as with most small towns, rationality is checked at the city limits sign.  It’s a good thing for Sara that the attorney is so darn good looking. And it’s a good thing for Grant (the attorney) that he has great dimples.

As the terms of Maudie’s will are revealed, Sara must stay in Boggy Bayou and run her antique shop in order to inherit the estate. Or she can walk away and everything will be sold and the moneys donated to charity. Sara decides to stay and what follows is a hilarious,  sexy tale about two people who were meant to be together, but never knew it until now.

This zany story is laugh-out loud funny, squirm in your seat sexy, and so much fun to read. No, I’m not going to tell you who Sara’s daddy is. That would spoil all the fun. I will tell you that I would love to taste one of Sara’s lemon cookies and visit Maudie’s antique shop. Boggy Bayou, despite its secrets and quirks, is my sort of town!

~*~*~*~ & More (aka, A Guest Post) ~*~*~*~

Self-Publishing…Why I Love It and Why I Hate It

Love it because:

I can write the story I want to tell without trying to fit it in a certain sized box.

I can write in different genres.

I can see how many copies I sell in a day.

I’m not limited to a certain amount of books in a year.

I can set my own deadlines.

I can choose my own editors.

I can select a cover that depicts my book the way I want it to, and can also change that cover if it isn’t working.

I can control the inside design either by myself or hire someone to do it.

I can make it ‘free’ if I want.

I can make a soft cover book if I choose.

I have all the rights, just in case Hollywood comes knocking or a TV series.

I can make corrections easily.

The book will always be available for sale.

I can promote it out the wahzoo for as long as I want.

NYT’s is now listing self-published authors on the Best-Seller’s List.

Agents and Publishers are now contacting authors for representation.

Hate it because:

All the promotion depends on me.  Oh wait, most publishers want the author to do their own promotion as well.

Needless to say, I LOVE self-publishing!

~*~*~*~ Author Bio ~*~*~*~

Pepper Phillips wrote her first play in the seventh grade. But before that she read every book in her age group at the small local library. An only child, she entertained herself in the worlds she created in her mind. She’s still pretty mindless in some respects, but her writing world is where she is the happiest. She ventured into self-publishing in 2011.

~*~*~*~ Connect with Pepper ~*~*~*~

Pepper Phillips Website

Amazon – Smashwords – Nook

Twitter:  Pepper_Phillips

**Everyone who leaves a comment on Pepper’s Tour Page will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card! If you purchase your copy of The Devil Has Dimples before June 11 and send your receipt to Samantha (at) ChickLitPlus (dot) com, you will get five bonus entries!**

~*~*~*~ Pepper On Tour ~*~*~*~

Thanks for stopping by (again), Pepper! And thanks to the readers as well!

Lots of <3–Amie!


4 thoughts on “The Devil Has Dimples by Pepper Phillips ~ A Review &More

  1. Ooooo…this one sounds fabulous! I love the premise and that cover is outstanding! Thanks for sharing the 4-1-1 on this one, Ames. Sounds like a real winner… And Pepper I LOVE your self-publishing list. It’s awesome, and confirms that I am taking all the right steps. Congrats on your story. Can’t wait to read it!!

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