Top 10 ~ Love Potion Me, Baby

Time for Tuesday’s Top 10!! Here’s a listing of the Top 10 things I love about Love Potion Me, Baby (my latest release.)

#1 ~  Brice accidentally drinks blue shampoo.

#2 ~ Suzanne throws fruit at him.

#3 ~ Melvin and Claire Greely are hard of hearing.

#4 ~ Aunt Petie’s crazy cooking

#5 ~ Jancy Carmichael Van Sant, Brice’s mother, hangs by her knees everyday to reverse the effects of gravity.

#6 ~ Suzanne is forced to play golf with Brice, even though she’s never played before.

# 7 ~ The maid only knows one word of English–yes.

#8 ~ Brice’s addiction to coffee

#9 ~ There’s a dog, but no one knows how it came to be at the mansion.

#10 ~ the love scene (hubba hubba)

Want a little more? Go to Amie’s BOOKS –Love Potion Me, Baby–Excerpt and Blurb. There you’ll find…well, an excerpt and a blurb!

Happy reading! Lots of <3 to you! Amie


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