With Just One Click By Amanda Strong

Turn on any kid friendly/teen targeted television station, and you will see community service ads warning our childrenabout the dangers of social media. Too bad they don’t make some of these announcements for adults. With Just One Click by Amanda Strong, is the next best thing. It’s the story of three women–Chloe, Morgan, and Brynn–and the changes Facebook brings about in their lives. Chloe finds the love from her last high school summer. The guy who left with barely a note after she had given him her virginity. Morgan gets de-friended by her husband for cyber-stalking posts from his ex-girlfriend from high school, but strengthens a relationship with a girl-pal after tragic news brings them closer. And Brynn meets back up with her one love from the past.  Except now she’s married with two teenage children. The stories are fiction, but it’s so plain to see how they could easily happen to any one of us. And the pitfalls and benefits of a network like Facebook are so easy to spot from the outside, but not so much when your fingers are on the keyboard. This story just proves it– in an entertaining and candid way. With Just One Click is beautifully written entirely in first person. Each chapter has a header, the name of the character whose mind you are entering. I admit at first I had trouble keeping the women separated as I read, until I got to know them better.  But once I became more acquainted with Chloe, Morgan, and Brynn, it became easier to relate to each story just through their name at the top of the page. Their stories are chronicled, from beginning to end, though in a slice of life kind of way. What happens after they clicked on to join and the changes that followed. This novel is a keeper, a must read, and one to share, ‘cuz you never know what might happen With Just One Click.





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