Elizabeth Means and sexy footwear

I’m proud to say that I have Elizabeth Means here today talking about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart–BOOTS!! Elizabeth–do you know what my day job is? ;)

Fall’s Sexiest Accessory is Back: Boots!

Fall weather has arrived and so has my favorite cool weather accessory. Boots! Tall boots, short boots, stiletto, platform, fuzzy, sleek, cowboy…you name it I’ve probably got it. In my very biased opinion boots are the sexiest item a gal can wear. They can transform a ho-hum outfit into a head-turning ensemble in seconds.

But what about guys? What do we think about men in boots? Let’s take a look at some of the choices.

Cowboy boots – are they sexy?

I think yes.

What about…

Rugged hiking boots?


Firemen’s boots?

How about Pirate Boots? Johnny Depp anyone?

Combat boots?

Or what about riding boots?

Riding boots are one of my personal favorites. The hero in my Victorian romance novel wears various styles of boots, the sexiest probably being his tall black riding boots with snug fitting trousers tucked in.

So what’s your opinion? Boots on men…hot or not?

BLURB: Dangerous Charade

To escape an arranged marriage Gabrielle Broussard flees her home to become an undercover investigator with an elite, all-female investigative agency. Her first assignment, as governess at Westford castle to investigate the suspicious death of the Countess of Westford, quickly becomes complicated when she finds herself attracted to her number one suspect.

Lord Julian Blackwell is a survivor. After his father’s bankruptcy, he becomes a self-made man in Victorian England’s booming industrial era. Trapped into a loveless marriage, he has survived the shock of his wife’s sudden death. But now he must survive rumors and outright accusations. Hiring a private agency to investigate and prove his innocence seems like a good idea…until desire threatens to compromise both the case and the life of the investigator.

EXCERPT: Dangerous Charade

Gabrielle raced across the lawn toward a side entrance most often used by the servants at Westford. Dawn was breaking and she needed to move fast. If anyone saw her, she would be hard-pressed to explain why she was returning from a ride at this time of day, in the dark. And carrying a fancy parasol, no less.

She’d almost reached the door when Julian’s voice cut through the still morning air like a knife.


“Oh!” Her free hand flew to her mouth as she whirled toward the sound of his voice. He stood close to the building, hidden in the shadows. “My lord, you nearly scared me to death! I didn’t see you there.”


“Just what are you doing out here, lurking about in the shadows?” she demanded, adrenaline pumping.

“What am I doing?” He stared at her incredulously. “Not that I owe you any explanation for my actions while on my own estate, but I came out to watch the sunrise. What the devil are you doing?”

“I was…checking on Buttercup. I’m told she’s been acting strangely.” Gabrielle took a few more steps toward the building. “But—good news—it appears she’s doing fine.”

In a flash Julian was between her and the door. He regarded her closely. “That doesn’t explain why you’re lugging a parasol around in the dark.”

Gabrielle swallowed hard. She saw his green eyes narrow. “One never knows what one might

encounter lurking about in the shadows. I may have needed it to defend myself from something. Or someone,” she added pointedly.

Julian stepped closer to her; they were less than an arm’s length apart. “Do you think you need it now?” The suggestive tone in his voice was unmistakable.

Her breathing quickened, and she averted her gaze. “What I think is that you are most unnerving.”

Julian reached out and tilted her chin up with his fingers. “What kind of game are you playing, Gabrielle?”

She didn’t answer. And he didn’t ask again. Instead he brought his head down very slowly and claimed her mouth with his own.

Author Website: www.elizabeth-means.com

Buy link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Charade-Elizabeth-Means/dp/1601549520/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316371873&sr=8-1

Buy link to TWRP: http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=191&products_id=4639

Thanks for coming by, Elizabeth! I’d like to cast my vote right now for motorcycle boots. Not the Harley kind (though those are great) the kind the police officers wear. Rawr. (uh, my husband won’t see this right?)

Lots of <3–Amie


10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Means and sexy footwear

  1. Ummm I think hot! My fave would be cowboy or firemen. I love stopping when Firemen are doing their donation days and dropping money into their boots. Why? Because I think they’d be arrested for letting me put it in their g-strings! Hoot!!

  2. Boots? Everyone has their own tastes, of course. I prefer hiking boots, thich socks scrunched down and a soft cotton T-shirt on a guy. Nothing else is needed, of course. Those three items are quite enough, and with the right grin, this becomes the sexiest of ensembles. JMHO

    Interesting blub and great post. Wishing you great sales!

  3. Oh, just the mention of Johnny Depp almost swayed my vote, but I’m still going with
    well worn cowboy boots peepin’ out from the leg of faded denim.Yum.
    No, no the fancy kind of boots like the ones in the pic, but a working man’s cowboy boots, a real cowboy.
    Hmmmm. Is there a rodeo in town this weekend………? (Off to find the newspaper) LOL

  4. Oh Elizabeth, you are my kind of gal! Bring on the boots! I MUCH prefer a man in boots to fancy-nancy dress shoes. And I don’t really care what kind they are either, although I do have to say something about a man in work boots — like the combat ones pictured above. Yep. I think those are my favorite. ‘Course I could be a little biased just because that’s what my sexy DH wears. Yummy!

  5. Thanks for coming, Elizabeth. It’s been a pleasure to have you!

    My day job–I manage a store for a nationally recognized brand of ladies shoes (ahem, not Steve Madden!) LOL

    I LOVE SHOES!!! Not as much as romances, but pretty darn close! :)

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