Sarah Grimm–on After Midnight …and kissin’

Can a kiss really be perfect? Is ‘true love’s’ kiss actually powerful enough to wake the dead? Does anyone really know? I don’t.

What I do know is that there is something very powerful about a kiss. Think about it. In movies as well as books, the anticipation of the first kiss is…WOW.

You know what I’m talking about. Heck, you probably vividly remember your first kiss. (I know I do)

The heightened sense of awareness.

The wonder.

The SweeTarts…

Sorry, that was my first kiss. Yuck! I still cringe when I recall it.

Wikipedia states “Anticipation is the central ingredient in sexual desire.” That sounds about right. Which is why we authors do all we can to make that first touch, that first kiss as great as it can be. To get everything just right.

I love writing the first kiss. When I hit that moment in the story, I think I’m just as nervous as my characters. Okay, the characters aren’t necessarily nervous, but I usually am.

It’s a very important moment in the story. Sometimes it’s slow and passionate. Sometimes a bit edgy and heated. It can even be possessive and a bit rough—like staking a claim. Whatever else it is, a kiss is always emotional.

Sure, the emotion doesn’t have to be sexual or even pleasant. Take for instance the kiss of death from Godfather II. But as a romance author, these pleasant, sexual emotions are the ones I aim for.

Not just in the hero and heroine’s first kiss, but in every kiss between them. And not always with a kiss on the lips. After all, a kiss doesn’t have to be on the lips to provoke an emotional response, does it?

Noah Clark, the hero in AFTER MIDNIGHT, understands the importance of a kiss, a touch, the brush of fingertips across a lover’s skin even if Isabeau doesn’t…


“It’s not supposed to be just about the finale. It’s about the journey. It’s all about touch, Isabeau. Soft caresses. Slow, deep, wet kisses. Why would you settle for anything else?” Her tongue darted out and wet her lips, and Noah wondered what she’d do if he leaned in right now and showed her what he meant.

“Maybe you haven’t taken a good look at me?”

“I’m looking at you now.” He cupped her face with one hand, traced his thumb along the curve of her jaw. Her skin was warm and soft as silk beneath his.

“Noah.” His name crossed her lips, a husky rasp barely audible over the street noise. She reached up and wrapped her hand around his.

She had a mouth that begged to be kissed. A mouth meant for pleasure. How was it she didn’t realize her own appeal? He traced his thumb over the palm of her hand. Satisfaction welled inside him when she trembled. “You don’t have to settle, Isabeau.”


Check out the trailer…


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17 thoughts on “Sarah Grimm–on After Midnight …and kissin’

  1. Every time I lay eyes on that first picture I just smile. Then sigh. There’s just something about it….

    Thanks for allowing me to visit with you today, Amy. I’m going to assume you and AJ worked out your Noah & Dominic issue and everything is Okey-Dokey today? ;-)

    It’s freezing in Michigan this morning – everything outside is covered in frost. Brrr. Let me go find a blanket and some hot cocoa and we’ll get this part started!

    1. Welcome, my friend! I love that first picture as well, which is why I posted my intro yesterday. That kiss is too beautiful to be chatted over!

      Get you a blanket and curl up. It’s cool here in the great state of OK, but the sun’s still shinin’. And get ready. Today may prove to be very interesting since AJ and I have worked out *nothing* as to the dibs on Dom. The saga continues!

  2. Ah, that first kiss…
    the beauty of the first kiss is, no matter how many other people you’ve kissed, there is ALWAYS a first time with your new love.
    I remember seeing a moving or reading a book years and years ago, where the author/screenwriter made a point of showing how cold and detached the love making was between this couple by not having them kiss.

  3. Holy SCHA-MOLEY! Gotta love those pictures! Very nice job, Sarah. Great post. And I had to laugh about what you said, being as nervous as your characters during that first kiss. I get that too!

    Oh Amie! Quick look! Is that Noah over there? Pssst…hey Dominic. Here’s my car. Care to go for a…ahem…ride?

    1. OK, here I go forgetting to hit the reply button again. Sorry Lynne – your replay is below. Sheesh

      AJ – no taking Dom for any ..ahem…rides. Naughty, naughty girl, you!

      I love those pics. I have a whole bunch of kissing pics saved on my computer – no, not ME kissing – pics like those in the post. I have a great affection for kissing.

      And isn’t it funny how nervous we get for our characters?

  4. Lynne-
    I can’t imagine love making without kissing. That’s not love making. At least not in my book. As Noah says, It’s not just about the finale… :-)

    1. I love everything about the romance genre. People can scoff about it all they want – what’s wrong with finding someone to laugh with and love? Someone to have a family with and grow old with? Absolutely nothing. :-)

  5. Great post, Sarah.

    I love the words, the pictures, and the excerpt.

    Aren’t we lucky as romance writers to get to ‘do’ first kisses over and over again? There is definitely something magical about them.

    1. So true! When people ask me why I read/write romance, I tell them that I get to fall in love everyday and still remain faithful to my hubs! Perfect world! :)

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