Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Happy October everyone! Cooler weather, Football, and Halloween candy!

What a great month! And the best thing I can think of to start off a great month on my blog is a great post from a great friend about her great book! Great, huh?

So this is the only inrodcution (and warning) you’ll get. The blog post is beautiful and perfect, and I’m not about to mess it up with my chatty mouth.

So tomorrow–be here (or be square) and see what I’m talking about.

Okay, okay…it’s Sarah Grimm with her much talked about and highly reviewed release, After Midnight. Trust me, y’all, this book’s a keeper!!

See ya tomorrow! <3 Amie

(all photographs from –photographers Nick Coombs, Outdoor Sports, and Maggie Smith) Well, except for the one of Sarah’s beautiful cover. And if you think the cover’s awesome what til you see what’s inside! Whoo!


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