And the winner is…

Wow–how did I get so behind? Oh, I know–I have a book due next week! But that’s another blog. (

So I have three–count ’em three–winners to announce.

Winner #1–who gets an ecopy of Brodie’s Bride by moi and a $20 Bath & Body Works gift certificate is Amy Delong aka Yay, Amy! (No, I did not choose her because she had a spectacular name. thinks she has a spectacular name too!) Thanks Amy for joining in the BOLD Blogapalooza Blog Hop!

Winner #2–receipent of the print copy of Rock Star’s Girl by the beautiful J. F. Kristen is Calisa Rhose. Yay, Calisa!! (side note–it does not matter that she and I are both are TWRP authors and live just down the turnpike from each other in awesome OK, USA., people.)

Winner #3 — winner of the ecopy of Slightly Tarnished by the sweet lovely survivor of both breast cancer and social media, Lilly Gayle is none pother than my good firend and fellow TWRP author, AJ Nuest. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Amy and AJ are friends–good friends. And she wished her a fabulous happy birthday on this very blog. Nope. Not it at all. strikes again!!!

And thanks to everyone for coming and visiting. It’s been a really fun week!!! A new post goes up Monday. A new review and interview with Shannon Hart, author of Until the End of Forever.

<3 Amie


3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Yay Amy D for winning! Yay AJ for winning! I already have this fab book (not that I’ve had time to read it yet) so good thing I didn’t win :) And Yay Calisa…

    Oh that’s ME! WOOT!!! Turnpike buddies aside- thank you Amie and J.F. Kristen! I’m thrilled to find a new author to read!

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