Scorcher Blog Tour Final Week–The Perfect Hero by Darlene Fredette

Welcome to part four of my blog post on the Scorcher Blog Tour.

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Thank you, Amie, for hosting me on your site!

Things are heating up a little now. These scorcher ladies are being very, very wicked! Sarah is caressing the leg of her hero’s jeans. AJ has just pulled her hero’s belt buckle from his jeans. Amie just popped the button on the waist band of her hero’s jeans, and Lisa is playing with the zipper on her hero’s jeans! I’d have to say these ladies like a hero in jeans. And just when you think it couldn’t go any further…Arial’s hero’s black dress pants have fallen to his knees! (I won’t even go into her obsession with kilts!)

What are these hot heroes wearing on their feet? Well it’s hard to tell with all the drooping pants, but I think that’s work boots I see on AJ’s hero.  Arial’s hero is kicking off his black dress shoes. Amie and Sarah are helping their heroes out of cowboy boots. I’m not sure what type of boots Lisa’s hero is wearing because his jeans are draped around his ankles.

Wow! These ladies waste no time! Heavy panting has begun.

AJ and Sarah’s heroes are wearing nothing but their boxer briefs, and AJ can’t take her eyes off her hero’s package! Amie’s hero is looking smoking hot in his tightie whities. A sudden gasp fills the room…Arial’s hero is commando! As our eyes travel to the back corner of the room, it’s no surprise what we see next. I knew there was a pattern taking shape here…bald, clean shave, bare chest, and you guess it…Lisa’s hero is wearing absolutely nothing.

What body part should we check out next? I know what you are all thinking and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Get your minds out of the gutter! This is a PG rated blog post. You didn’t really think I’d go THERE next!

We’re playing this one safe and checking out our hero’s butt. Amie likes her hero’s fine butt, while AJ’s hero has a tight butt.  Sarah’s hero has a firm butt, Lisa’s hero’s butt is sculpted, and Arial’s hero has a scrumptious butt. Gotta love those butts!

The mood has definitely changed in the room. The scorcher ladies have a mischievous look in their eyes. The ladies are trying to pull me toward the dark side.

Shoot, too bad ladies, it’s time to move on. If you want to read the next instalment, go to Lisa’s blog ( BUT before you go, answer my question below. AND don’t forget to comment on all of my six instalments of The Perfect Hero for a chance to win a PDF copy of Keeping Secrets. You MUST answer all six questions from each instalment to have your name included in the draw. The winner will then move on to the grand prize drawing of a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

Question 4: What type of pants and shoes do you like your hero dressed in? Do you prefer boxers, briefs…or nothing at all covering his cute butt?

It’s all about the secrets in…Keeping Secrets

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7 thoughts on “Scorcher Blog Tour Final Week–The Perfect Hero by Darlene Fredette

  1. This post was a laugh out loud while fanning self post!
    I like the jeans and biker boots on my hero who wears those tight boxer briefs (I’m partial to the women’s version of boy cut undies) over an equally tight tush!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

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