Sorry I’m late! I got delayed at the last blog, enjoying a moment “alone” with David…(ahem)  At this point, most of you are probably a little discombobulated. Just case you missed the first in the series, here’s a recap of my Man Candy posts. I’m happy to wait a second if you need to go back for a review.

Post #1 is here:

Post #2 is here:

Post #3 is here:

Post #4 is here:

While we take a quick breather to recuperate, I think now would be a good time to mention I’ve got a book coming out next year with The Wild Rose Press. Generally speaking, while crafting each story I tend to envision “someone” as my hero.  Here’s my “someone” for She’s Got Dibs… Josh Duhamel. He’s probably best known for his role in the hit TV series Las Vegas, but I really didn’t discover Josh until I saw the movie Win A Date with Tad Hamilton. Since then, I’ve gobbled up every film he’s been in that I could get my hands on…Transformers (I & II), When In Rome, Life As We Know It, even Ramona and Beezus!  Yes, Josh ranks near the top of my hottest guys EVER list, but I’m not sure if it’s because of his crazy great jaw line…that dangerous five o’clock shadow or his super cool hair…  Either way, I didn’t make my decision lightly. Certain criteria take precedence for each of my heroes.  First off, he’s gotta be a good “squinter”.

I loves me the squint, and Josh does it so well, don’t you think?

I think we already covered the smile issue.

Lookit how sweeeet! Oh, Josh! *gush, gush*

My heroes need to look really good when they’re all rumply.

(I’m diggin that hair, and I’m not talkin’ the hair on his head – although that works too.)  And not be afraid to be a goof…

Good arms are a top priority…

So are abs…

And everything else…

(I DID say nekid, right?)  So when She’s Got Dibs comes out early next year, be sure to envision Josh while reading (or head back over to this post for a refresher).  Only one other guy I can think of tops Josh. But to see him, you’ll have to head on over to Lisa Sanchez’s blog at See you there in a sec…

Okay, at this point do I even need to say it? Get your eyes off Josh’s ass and LEAVE ME A COMMENT TO BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAWING FOR A FREE E-BOOK OF JEZEBEL’S WISH!

And lest I forget, muchas gracias to these folks for supplying me with ample photos of Josh:,,,,,,



  1. The man candy is awesome :) I didn’t realize the guy from Ramona & Beezus looks so good with his clothes off!! My 3-year old watches that movie over & over on Netflix, and I know I won’t look at him the same way again ;)

    Please enter me in the draw for the e-book, Jezebel’s Wish!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I think that little tuckus is firmly burned into my eyes…never to be forgotten.

    thank you.
    musicalfrog at

  3. Okay, it’s late, I’m visiting the blogs in the tour, and I have to say, I am just CRACKING UP! You ladies have really, really been the best thing after a long hard day. Here’s to much more MAN CANDY in all our futures!! Thanks for the great comments and hugs to all of you!!

  4. *where did I put that ‘Cougars for Dummies book???*

    Oh yeah. Ummm, Sarah, since I already have JW can I ogle a while longer? Pretty please with Josh on top? *heheh*

  5. Oh Calisa, you make me LAUGH! This is without a doubt the best fun I’ve had in a llllooooonnnngggg time. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, sweetie!

  6. I’m not much of a Josh fan, but the 2 nudey shots are incredible! Bless you, AJ. Bless you!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

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