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I’m so glad you stopped by today! I’ve got something special in store. First let me welcome our guest Vonnie Davis (‘cuz she’s a big part of the something special) Vonnie?

Hi, Amie, I’ve been looking forward to visiting on your blog. What shall we talk about? Hmm?





Ooops, hold still, Amie, you’ve got drool on your chin. (**gives saucy wink**)  Oh, I can see you enjoy the finer things in life, too. And he is fine, isn’t he?

One of the major perks in our profession of writing romance is creating sexy, sensual, lovable men—from corporate chiefs to mercenaries to highland warriors to werewolves to cowboys and every delightful form in-between. Of course we don’t create them perfect, for in the right man, even faults are lovable as long as they don’t hurt our heroine.

My first book was recently released by The Wild Rose Press. Storm’s Interlude is the love story between a home care nurse, Rachel, and Storm, the twin brother of her patient. Rachel has recently escaped a relationship with an abusive man. She’s sworn to herself that she’ll never be treated like that again. And although sparks arc between her and Storm, she’s wary of his temper and domineering personality.

Storm is a family man. He’s always protected his twin sister, Sunny, and he adores his nephew, Sawyer. Now this opinionated nurse has driven into his life—lock, stock and blue eyes. She renders this big, strong rancher helpless to resist.

Let me share a poolside scene with you:

He hunkered in front of the child. “Want to ride with me for a while? We’ll go check on those new mustangs.”

“Yeah! Can I go wif Unkie Storm, Mommy?” The child was doing his happy dance.

“You’ll have to put on dry clothes. Jeans and a t-shirt.” Sunny was breathless as she collapsed onto a chaise lounge. “Whew, I’m tired.”

“You rest. I’ll get him dressed. Come on, partner.” Storm spared Rachel an irritated glance. “I hope you haven’t overextended my sister. She’s out of breath.”

“She just swam her first lap across the pool. Naturally, she’s out of breath.”

He grabbed Rachel’s arm and yanked her to him. “Laps? You have my sick sister swimming laps? Are you nuts?”

She winced at the pain. Her heart was beating like a bass beat on a rap song. She didn’t know if it was anger, fear or leftover desire from earlier this morning. Whichever, she didn’t like it. Her gaze went to his calloused hand squeezing her arm and then quickly swept to his hard, black eyes. “Kindly remove your hand.”

When it tightened, she glanced at Sawyer who had crawled onto his mother’s lap. For his sake, she whispered, “Not in front of the child.”

Storm’s dark eyes blinked twice and his grip loosened. He turned to his nephew. “Are you ready to get dry clothes on, buddy?”

“Are you being damned bossy to Wachel again?” Sawyer’s eyes were big as he cowered against his mommy.

“Sawyer Dalton Brentwood!” Sunny shook a finger at her son in admonition.

Storm hunkered down again in front of the boy. “It’s alright, sister. I was being damned bossy. Don’t growl at him.” He reached out to take Sawyer’s hand. The child pulled back. “I’m sorry if Unkie Storm scared you.”

“You haf’ta say ‘sowwy’ to Wachel.” Sawyer crawled off his mother’s lap and ran to Rachel, wrapping his little arms around her knees.

Storm stood and sighed, his hands on his hips. “You’re right, partner. Rachel, I’m sorry I snapped at you. I’ve always protected Sunny and, well, I’m just worried about her.”

“That’s okay.” When she had him alone, she’d tell him she didn’t like his grabbing her in anger. She’d tell him how she saw it as abuse. Not now in front of the child, but soon. She refused to put up with abuse from another man. One trip down that road had been enough.

“Now, kiss and make up.” Sunny beamed a mischievous smile.

Sawyer clapped his hands. “Yeah, Unkie Storm, kiss Wachel. I kissed her before. It was fun. Go ‘head. She don’t bite.”

Storm chuckled. “No, but I might.”

A duet of “Kiss her, kiss her,” erupted from Sunny and Sawyer.

Storm rolled his eyes and stepped closer.

Rachel shook her head. “No.”

He cupped her face in his hands, his eyes locked on hers and he lowered his head. Warm lips pressed a kiss to her forehead. She reached up and placed her hands on his forearms, torn between pushing him away and pulling him closer. He laid his forehead against hers. “I’m sorry I was so rough earlier.”

Perhaps now was the time to tell him how she felt, when he seemed open and receptive. “I don’t like abusive men. They frighten me. I avoid them at all costs.”

Storm went still, a muscle bunched in his cheek. His voice barely a whisper when he spoke, a whisper so sensually tender it spun a web of privacy around them as if they were the only two souls in the vast, beautiful hill country of Texas. “You think I could be abusive?” He stepped closer so their thighs touched. Her stomach fluttered in response.

Their eyes locked. Their breaths mingled. His one hand lightly stroked her neck. Warmth rushed through her. “Never, honey. Especially, never to you. I don’t abuse my animals and I don’t abuse women. God treasures both, and so do I.” He cupped her face. “I’m finding I treasure you.” His gaze swept to her open mouth. “Treasure you more than I have a right to, my sweet mouse.” He brought his mouth to hers and showed her how sweetly gentle and tender he could be.

“Wow, Unkie Storm, you kissed her a weally long time. You must be weally, weally sowwy.”

See? Special–I toldja! 

Okay, everybody, say a big thanks to generous Vonnie for sharing because if I had a guy like Storm, I’m not sure I’d want to let even one piece of him go!

(And everyone says, “Thanks, Vonnie!”)

Now really show how much you liked it, and click below and buy the book!


The Wild Rose Press – http://bit.ly/rcCIMa

Amazon –  http://amzn.to/pkkcLq

Nook Version — http://bit.ly/pb9DQd

Vonnie blogs at http://www.vintagevonnie.blogspot.com

Vonnie’s website: http://www.vonniedavis.com

Lot’s of <3– Amie


17 thoughts on “Vonnie Davis author of Storm’s Interlude

  1. Thanks for having me here today, Amie. We had a lovely visit, didn’t we? Storm is a special kind of man; on eof those rare hunks of manhood with a generous heart as big as his Texas ranch.

  2. Oooo…thanks for stopping by, Vonnie! I have to agree Storm is of a special breed. Isn’t that why we love romance heroes so much? Well, that and they don’t leave their underwear on the bathroom floor! LOL

  3. Sounds like a great book, Vonnie!(Gotta say though, I’d *love* to hear Rachel’s explanation for making a sick girl swim! *taps foot* OKay, devil’s advocate, that’s me. ;) Good luck with it.

  4. Hi J.D., you’re right to question. Rachel has developed a home care program blended with traditional and nontraditional treatments. She holds a Masters in Nursing and is also certified in acupuncture, masage and as a dietician. Although she insists on working in tandem with patient’s doctors, she has very strong feelings about building up her patient’s overall health with proper diet, light exercise (one lap across the narrow part of the pool), one walk around the outside of the house and acupuncture. Sunny is reponding: Storm is hovering and watching as you can tell.

  5. Girl, I sure do like your voice. This story sounds awesome. I love the premise and am defintely going to look it up and download. Congrats and wishes for mega sales.


  6. Vonnie,

    I loved the excerpt! You had me chuckling at: ““Wow, Unkie Storm, you kissed her a weally long time. You must be weally, weally sowwy.” So cute.

    I like Storm already. :)

    I wish you lots of success!

  7. Autumn, it took me a while to find my voice. Sounds strange, I know, but I was sounding like whoever I was reading. So, for a while I stopped reading romance and wrote until I started hearing myself.

    1. I totally understand that Vonnie! I’ve worked fro a long time to get my voice like I wanted it to sound. Somethings come natural and others have to be polished. The trick is to make it sounds natural. And in that, my friend, you have succeeded! :)

  8. *checking my chin for drool in case the webcam is on* Okay, I’m good.

    Vonnie- I don’t think it sounds strange at all that it took a while for you to find your voice. (which is great, BTW) Can’t wait to get some down time so that I can read Storm’s Interlude

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Few start out writing well. We flub, we flounder, we fix-up our mistakes…and then some of us do it again. Writing is a continual learning process. Thanks for stopping by.

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