Sweetest Blog Award

Ain’t that sweet?

Just wanted to thank Karen Nutt for bestowing this honor on me (and apologize for taking so long to respond).

Seven random things about me? Hmmm… let’s see…

1~I’ve lived in the Caribbean. Yes, it was great.

2~I try to say something nice to someone everyday.

3~I will do almost anything for Mexican food.

4~I’d rather have flowers in my yard instead of in a vase.

5~My favorite color is purple. No green. Wait, blue. No, really it’s…

6~I’ve been writing for more years than I usually admit to being alive.

7~I am the spittin’ image of my mother.



3 thoughts on “Sweetest Blog Award

  1. Seven random facts- I would love to visit the Caribbean! What a ‘sweet’ award for a sweet gal. Now I need to work on getting one of these scrumptious awards, too!

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