Here’s a little different look at Brodie’s Bride. Savannah and Brodie thought they’d be able to skate through the weekend without anyone knowing they’d accidentally got married. Their plan–annul it on Monday, then go about their separate lives.  You know it never works out that way. At least not in my books! Brodie’s Bride is available in print copies, ebooks will be out 6/24!!


She took a deep breath, a pitiful attempt to steady her nerves and calm the desire she felt for this man.  What was it about Brodie Harper that could have her in a puddle on the floor in ten seconds flat?  “Now you don’t want to g-go? T-to the appointment, I mean.”

He closed his eyes, then took a deep breath.  He opened them again, slowly as if hoping she wouldn’t be there any longer.  “I have to go to Texas this weekend.  And you have to go with me.”


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