Mary Campisi…again!

I have to admit, I so loved having Mary Campisi as my guest yesterday that I invited her back again today. (Okay, the true confession is…I loved reading her excerpt, and I wanted to see something else by her.) And that cover! Don’t forget that awesome cover. Well, she told me her other novel, Innocent Betrayal, had a cover just as beautiful. So I made her send it. And you know what…she was right!! So here it is–blurb, excerpt and cover for Innocent Betrayal. And while I’m at it, I’d like to give a shout out to the cover artist for both. Let’s hear it for Rae Monet. They say you can’t just a book by its cover, but it never hurts to have a fabulous one…just in case!


English noblewoman, Emily St. Simon wants nothing more than to escape the constraints of a society that demands she turn in her breeches and secure a husband. She cares nothing about men or love until she encounters daring sea captain, Noah Sandleton, a man who steals her heart and her innocence with searing kisses and bold touches.

Noah Sandleton sails the sea avoiding anything that resembles commitment – until he meets the golden-haired temptress with a will to match his own. One night of passion binds them together but a debt of honor forces Noah to abandon his bride. When he discovers Emily is caught in a dangerous game of intrigue, Noah devises a secret plan to return to her side where he will risk his life to protect her and earn the chance to rekindle the greatest love either has ever known.

Excerpt from INNOCENT BETRAYAL by Mary Campisi

“I was thinking of a bath myself,” Noah said, turning toward her, his expression unreadable. “Would you mind?”

The thought of him naked made her hot and cold all at once. When she could find her voice, she stammered, “Why no,” with as much matter-of-factness as she could muster. If he could appear so nonchalant about his nakedness, then why couldn’t she? The truth smacked against her bravado; she’d never, in her entire life, seen a man naked. The very idea was petrifying – and intriguing. “I wish I’d known,” she mumbled, grabbing for something to say, “I wouldn’t have put the lilac water in the tub.”

He smiled tightly. “Consider it just one more step in our ruse.”

She looked at him blankly. “I don’t understand.”

“Don’t you? When my men smell your scent on me they’ll have no doubt that we’re lovers. That’s our plan, isn’t it?” he asked, his voice soft as silk. “Pretend to be lovers?” Without waiting for her response, he turned and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Emily hesitated a moment, unable to look away as he pulled off his shirt to reveal a darkly tanned, well muscled back. When he bent to remove his boots, his tightly clad breeches stretched to expose the finely carved muscles of his thighs and buttocks, leaving Emily a vision of what his unclothed body would look like.

She swallowed. He bent his head as he worked the buttons on his breeches. The breath stuck in her lungs as his strong hands worked the fabric over his slim hips. He stopped and jerked his head around, his dark eyes boring into her.

“Unless you’d like to help, you’d better turn around now,” he said gruffly.

Emily gasped and buried her head in the pillow, but no matter how deep she burrowed, she couldn’t block out the rich sound of Noah’s laughter or the sight of his perfect body.

Now where was that Buy button again? Oh yeah…

Thanks coming by again today, Mary. I can’t wait to read the rest of A Taste of Seduction and Innocent Betrayal! They are both amazing!


3 thoughts on “Mary Campisi…again!

  1. Hi Amie:

    Thanks for the great introduction! The covers pretty much say it all. Rae Monet captured the essence of the couples perfectly. Actually, Innocent Betrayal was my very first published book (2000) and after I received the rights back earlier this year, The Wild Rose Press bought the book and Rae came up with this delicious cover. If you look on Amazon and such you’ll see the original cover. It was very nice, but well, not smoking hot like this one! I don’t have a release date yet but will post it on my website as soon as I do.
    Thanks for having me back, Amie!

  2. I just started A Taste of Seduction last night! Finally had to put it down at 11:30 so I get up this morning. Have a good day!

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