And the winner is…

I can’t beleive it! Our Valentine’s Day Blog tour is at an end! I can’t speak for everyone, but I had a GREAT time. I met some new friends, learned some different takes on writing ideas, and generally had a blast blog hopping.

Thanks for everyone who participated both in writing the blogs and commenting (and thanks for letting this novice be a part of it!)

Our Week 4 winner is Rebecca Booth. She won $35 worth of TWRP gift cards. Now don’t forget Rebecca, be sure to save a few dollars until June!
And the Grand Prize goes to…da-da-da-da…Maria Yerton. Maria won $40 worth TWRP gift cards and a Bath and Body Works Full Size Set!

Thanks again! It’s been great fun. And I’ll get up a “real” blog sometime this week. Just as soon as I get some words on the paper! TTFN–Amie


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