Thank You

Thanks everyone for stopping by this week. If you’re tuning in a little late, my guest was Linda Kage blogging on the importance of first lines. Be sure to check that out–along with her wonderful covers and excerpts.  Then be sure to come on back on the 9th and hear what Jill James has to say about creative ideas and where they come from.  I, in turn, will be blogging with Amy Corwin on the same topic–full schedule available  soon.

And a special thanks to everyone who left a comment.

Maria Yerton’s name was drawn from my list, but sadly she didn’t win the weekly prize. (Dang!)  That honor went to Marci! (Yay, Marci!) But every blog’s “winner” has been entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize worth over $50 big ones! (dollars that is)!

The complete list is as follows–

Chantale Williams, Maria Yerton, Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ruby CRNA, Barb H, Emma Lai (twice!) Jordan Rose, Clancy, and Stephanie Faris! Good luck ladies!



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