I love romance

And therefore I love to write romance.  The first thing you should know about romance authors is that we don’t know any more bedroom secrets than other women…we just write them down!  (And edit them, send them to others to read and eventually have them published.  But that’s another blog…)

I cut my teeth on white cover Harlequins.  I had a friend who would bring them to school in a brown paper grocery sack. I would take them home, do my homework (I always did my homework first, of course).  Then I would read one.  Yes, the entire book in one evening.  If I had known all that went into those sweet romances I would have least taken a couple of days to read them.

I love romances for many reasons.  It’s the only happy ending you’re guaranteed.  And I like men.  Real men.  Men who make multi-million dollar deals without blinking an eye.  Men who kill their own food and men who only have to think about it for a page or two before they agree to be a father to their best friend’s/next door neighbor’s/secretary’s baby.  Who doesn’t love a man like that?

But whenever I tell someone about my writing, they inevitably ask, “what kind of book is it?”  And I always try to reply with confidence, “It’s a romance novel.”  But somehow I sound like I’m apologizing.  Why?  I don’t know.  I’m a skilled writer.  I can write whatever I set my mind to.   (I know this is true because my agent told me so!)  And I choose to write romance.  But I find myself stumbling around as if my hard work isn’t worthy of general praise.  My books won’t change the world, but they will allow you to escape it for a night or two.  No one dies (at least not many).  There’s no big mystery to solve, no disease of the week so obscure that you have to Google it in order to find out what it is.  But there is always always a happy ending.  (Therefore I will never make it to Oprah’s book list–and I’m okay with that.)   There’s always a good man, a woman I hope the reader can identify with (at least on some level) and their journey to love.  What more do you really need?

So here’s my blog about writing romance…the things that inspire me (oh…not that!) and the journey through the treacherous wilds of publication.

And here’s your warning…Happy Endings ahead!

A friend of mine once said, “A good man is easy to find…read a romance novel.”   Better still…read one of mine!

Writing tip of the day–do a “that” search.  Most can be left out.  And forgive yourself (and me) for the ones that remain.


8 thoughts on “I love romance

  1. Yep, this is me exactly. I also started reading romance at a very young age. (my older sister’s influence lol) And I too feel slightly embarrassed on occasion when someone asks what I write. Especially when I get that blank stare after I reply. You know the one. You can almost here their thoughts–Really? Why? But, then I remind myself that there are many, many out there like me who LOVE writing romance and even more who LOVE reading it. So, celebrate! You are doing what you love!

    Melissa Murphy

  2. Oh, you nailed it! And we SHOULDN’T feel like we owe an apology for writing romance. Me, my guilt went one step further. I write hot. Really hot. Bounce the bedsprings and curl your toes hot. So I always expect the “morality” frown in addition to the ‘Whys’?
    But then I remember the statistics of romance readers keeping that part of publishing going strong. Yay! for them and and Yay! for us.
    So my New Year’s resolution is to clearly state: I write erotic historical romance and I’m proud of it;)

    Jennifer Jakes

  3. Great blog – and I can so relate! I’m published in Christian inspirational, after switching over from secular romance. In respect to both genre’s, I have come across the raised brow, the snicker, the wise-cracks about ‘writing smut.’ When that happens, I smile kindly and let it be. Here’s what I’m thinking though: ‘I write about the emotion that best defines all of humanity. Love. What can be better?’ You nailed it when you said ‘had you know what went into those white-cover Harleqin novels, you would have dedicated at least a day or two to them.’ But, don’t beat yourself up over that – I think any author who inspired you to read their book in one sitting would be THRILLED – and would consider their hard work gratefully received and enjoyed. :-) Great blog, and I’ll become a follower! :-)

  4. Congratulations on your lovely new blog, Amie. I think there are many of us who have shared or are sharing your journey. I’m fine now about saying: “I write romance” in any company, but it took a while to reach that level of confidence. Best of luck.

  5. Great Blog Amie. You should all hold your heads up as not everyone has the talent to write and to get published is even more of a challenge I am told.
    Just enjoy the journey and keep doing what you love.


    1. Wow! Thanks for the wonderful responses. I love those “old” Harlequins. Still have a box of them tucked back somewhere, (Janet Daily was always my favorite. Tidewater Lover and the Ivory Cane, ahhh, takes me back…) It’s so good to know that I am not alone. There are plenty of us who enjoy romance and are chagrined. Let’s make it an unanimous resolution to proclaim “we write/read romance…and we’re proud!”

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